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Dos Empanadas for Cinco de Mayo

So I’ve been told by Mexican friends that Cinco de Mayo, like St. Patrick’s Day and Hanukkah, is celebrated more…vociferously…in the US than in its home country.  It commemorates the winning of an important battle, not Mexican independence, and isn’t really a major holiday.  In the US, of course, we […]

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Chocolate Raspberry Tart

What is your favorite dessert? Let me guess: whatever it is, you probably get it on your Birthday. Well, yesterday was my birthday. Funny thing is, chocolate is actually NOT one of my favorite desserts (unless it’s chocolate truffles, then I’m in) but this was so delicious that today I […]

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Lemon meringue pie | thecopperlemon.com
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Lemon Meringue Pie

Well, hello there! Welcome to The Copper Lemon’s first blog post! We are so excited to begin this journey of healthy eating, better cooking, and recipe development with you! For our first post Becky and I decided to make something lemony. Since tomorrow is March 14th and it is Pi […]

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